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                 America’s Other Audubon





Original Subscriber List:


Honorable Henry F. Page, Circleville, Ohio

Miss Sarah Porter, Farmington, Connecticut

Mrs. J. S. Casement, Painesville, Ohio

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Worcester Free Library, Worchester, Massachusetts

Peabody Institute, Baltimore, Maryland

Omar T. Joslin, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mrs. S. B. Cone, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

J. A. Hawks, Circleville, Ohio

Mrs. N. J. Turney, Circleville, Ohio

Mrs. William Bradford, Cleveland, Ohio

Ex-President Rutherford B. Hayes, Fremont, Ohio

Reverend Vincent Clementi, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Henry D. Minot, Boston, Massachusetts

W. B. Clarke & Carruth, Boston, Massachusetts

Edward S. Denton, West Point, New York

Dr. J. M. Wheaton, Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Edgar A. Mearns, Highland Falls, New York

Joseph M. Wade, Boston, Massachusetts

Erastus Corning, Jr., Albany, New York

Dr. W. W. Dawson, Cincinnati, Ohio

Peter G. Thomson, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Library, Cincinnati, Ohio

Charles W. Sever, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harness Renick, Circleville, Ohio

Joseph Longworth, Cincinnati, Ohio

Costello Lippitt, Norwich, Connecticut

Mrs. Marcus Radcliff, Circleville, Ohio

Joseph Erb, Columbus, Ohio

D. P. Remer, Oberlin, Ohio

Dulau & Co., London, England

R. L. Maitland, New York City, New York

Howard Moore, Circleville, Ohio

Bunn Benford, Circleville, Ohio

Dr. Elliott Coues, Washington, DC


Miss Eunice Lyman, East Hampton, Massachusetts, Uncolored

H. C. Wann, Abilene, Kansas, Uncolored

C. J. Maynard, Newtonville, Massachusetts, Uncolored

Congressional Library, Washington, DC, Uncolored






What became of the copies of Genevieve’s book that the Jones family produced?

Institutions and individuals

who own copies today:


NEW: Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center

Howard Jones’ personal copy with the templates from which all other

copies were colored

Canton, MA


Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Virginia Jones’ personal copy and  Theodore Roosevelt's parts one and two

Cleveland, OH


Cleveland Public Library,

Cleveland, OH


Ohio Historical Society, two hand-colored copies, Columbus, OH


State Library of Ohio, one hand-colored copy, Columbus, OH


Pickaway County Historical Society, uncolored bound copy and 68 framed illustrations, Circleville, OH


Smithsonian Institution, two bound hand-colored copies, one with the original dated wrappers, Washington, DC


American Museum, New York City, bound uncolored copy, New York, NY


Yale University, Bienecke Library, one copy loose unbound sheets, one bound uncolored copy, New Haven, CT


Natural History Museum, one

hand-colored copy, Kensington, UK


Library of Congress, two uncolored copies and

Edgar A Mearn’s hand-colored copy,

Washington, DC


Individual plates


Pickaway County Historical Society, complete framed set of the plates, gift of Howard Jones, Circleville, OH


Joy M. Kiser, Wilson’s Thrush/ Veery, Charles Town, WV




             Fewer than 100 copies of Genevieve’s book were originally produced. The illustrations in about 50 of these copies were hand-colored. Eventually, some copies of the book were disassembled and individual illustrations were sold separately as framed prints. Only 26 intact copies have been located in the United States and abroad.


           If you, or your institution, own a copy of the book or an illustration please take the time to complete the survey by clicking on the link at the top of this page so that a complete inventory of existing volumes and art work may be compiled.

Your name will not appear on the list unless you have your given permission.

Virginia Jones’ personal copy won a bronze medal in the 1893 World’s Fair.


“The story behind these lithographs reminds us of the unsung heroines of our natural-history literature. There will likely never be a Jones Society, but [Genevieve] clearly had something of Audubon in her soul, and more besides.”

—Bill McKibben, author of Earth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet.